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Essex Clinic Rolls Out The Red Carpet For The LEVURA HIFU Pro Duo

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

In November, the fabulous Vie Aesthetics clinic in Rayleigh hosted an evening of music, networking and celebrity guests as it showcased the Levura HIFI Pro Duo.

The only way is Essex

Vie Aesthetics is one of the UKs leading skincare clinics, specialising in high quality, non-surgical procedures. In-house medical consultant, Dr Ioannis Liakas, has 10 years of experience in advanced medical aesthetics procedures and is an associate member of the British College of Aesthetic Medicine.

The clinic in Rayleigh, Essex which is spread over three floors, offers a friendly and comfortable welcome to its customers and we were delighted to be able to showcase the Pro Duo at such a fantastic venue.

The Pro Duo gets ready for its close up

The evening began with an opportunity for guests to pose for photographs with celebrity guest Mark Byron of Big Brother fame on the red carpet. As well as a huge number of selfies, photographs of Mark and our 200 guests were snapped by celebrity photographer Andy Barnes for OK Magazine. Mark was also interviewed by Southend TV as he shared our delight in being able to the HIFU Pro Duo treatment at such a prestigious clinic.

Our staff and guests were then treated to a tour of the impressive clinic during which our hosts explained some of the procedures undertaken by Dr. Liakas and his team.

Following the tour, we had the pleasure of being entertained by one of the UK’s top opera stars and our guests joined us in sitting back and enjoying the performance.

The HIFU Pro Duo

Our revolutionary new skin treatment uses high intensity ultrasound energy to tighten skin and adipose tissue in a gentle, non-invasive treatment. For use by aestheticians, dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons and licensed skin care professional, the HIFU Pro Duo lifts and tightens skin and reduces fatty layers for a fresher, more streamlined appearance.

The evening concluded with a demonstration of the device and further mingling as guests enjoyed canapes and non-alcoholic cocktails.

During the evening, the Levura team were on hand to advise and answer questions regarding the unique benefits of the HIFU Pro Duo and had a wonderful time meeting the staff at Vie Aesthetics who share our dedication to providing outstanding quality skincare.

For more information on Vie Aesthetics

For more information on the HIFU Pro Duo:

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